About Us


Mond & Wellry is a group of jewellery artists which has been established in response to demand of unique, non-high-street, top purity (better say brilliant) diamonds and gold to the above giving you life-long guarantee and care. Your pure intention to have or to give, to keep or to prove is always secured by the spotless quality of Mond & Wellry jewels.

With four luxurious directions for engagement & wedding, gifts, corporate events and investments in gold, Mond & Wellry combines value and very personal approach with the unexceptionable quality and impeccable service. It is where a passion for diamonds meets a love of careful and creative craftsmanship. 

You always want something special, either dealing with the trends or creating your own style. You appreciate to be heard and looked after, and apparently you like to make your own decisions. 
Recognising a change in what people seek in gold & diamond jewellery over the past decade, Mond & Wellry chose to concentrate primarily on the harmonic balance of the price and quality. It is Mond & Wellry business to make luxury not only desirable, but affordable too, as we strongly believe – if you want luxury to be a symbol of your intention or self-esteem, it must come in your life smooth.

To start you can choose the right diamond colour and design of your future ring or other piece of gold jewellery. We will take care of making it as soon as we can: some of our precious clients trust us to produce their wedding rings a good 1-1,5 years before their life event, and even this keep us constantly busy with the whole volume of orders. From the initial sketches to the final polishing, each hand-crafted treasure is made with the finest techniques and construction methods which are secured with the guarantee.

No need to mention, every good is given with the certificates of quality from the high-authority laboratories, and luxury watches by world-renowned brands come as they are with the certificates of make and proof of authenticity.


There’s a batch of well-known artists' names in Mond & Wellry team worth mentioning. One of our jewellers is world famous artist Damien Hirst who created widely known 'For the Love of God': a masterpiece platinum skull studded with 8,601 diamonds. Leaving it's price, this work caused a sensation when it first went on display at an exhibition of new works by Hirst in London. It gave a way to another look at luxury, which Mond & Wellry makes affordable to anyone willing to realise their pure intention or to put working as an investment. Another Mond & Wellry jewellery artist specialises in making stunning Faberge works. The third, and the fourth and the rest ones tend to bring gold and diamonds to perfection in their hands and have long list of testimonials, which made them be called the Masters of Arts.

So, top quality of gold and diamonds, world-known jewellery artists, personal approach, unique design and smart waiting list management, which allow you to get your pure intention done as soon as possible - is Mond & Wellry. Top quality gold & diamonds would never cost more than your pure intention. M&W Analytics works well at the prices to give you an opportunity in making your own decisions and following your own style: from very ambitious clients to the ones willing to make their first diamond ring done.